2255 Olivers in Canada

Please send me your pictures from Canada for this Webpage



 Hi, I found your web site on the Oliver 2255 tractors and thought I should send you a few pictures of our Big Ollie that we use in our campground in Bayfield Ontario. We mainly use it to move trailers. It still runs great. I bought it in Northern Indiana and then brought it up to Canada. Keep up the good work on the web site.
Jim Boere
Ontario, Canada

Hi James,
My name is Bryce Jackson and I am from Wyoming, ON, Canada.  First of all, I would like to say what a nice job you have done on your website.  It looks good and I love all the 2255 pics.  Keep up the good work. 
My dad, John, and I own the 2255 FWA in the pictures on your website that Dave Hughes from London, ON sent you.  We just finished totally rebuilding/restoring it this summer after working on it for about two years.  We pretty much had every bolt out of the whole tractor.  The input shaft broke, so that is what started the whole project.  I replaced all of the bearings and seals in the transmission/final drive/pto unit/transfer case, as well as the rear case itself with a used one.  The countershaft bearing cups had spun in the housing and wore the bores too big.  We went through the front axle also, replacing the sun gears, all bearings and seals again and the steering trunnions.  The front differential was worn, so we replaced it with a no-slip differential that we ran across.  As far as the Cat 3150 engine, we rolled in a set of new main and rod bearings along with new seals and pulled the pump and injectors to have them checked over.  I opened the pump up a little and set it so it now turns a good 180 pto h.p. on the dyno.  We got a set of 2-180 manifolds and we made new exhaust piping that does not run under the oil pan, but still comes out through the original hole in the hood.  While I was there I put in a new clutch and rebuilt the over/under.  We also rewired the dash and replaced the steering hoses in there at the same time.  I added a 3rd remote valve, replaced all of the o-rings in the hydraulics, as well as all of the rubber hyd. hoses.  We stripped the cab down to the frame, removed the windows and had it blasted.  I rewired the cab, put a new cab kit in, and replaced all of the door and window moldings.  After getting new A/C hoses made, the original A/C still works good for an older system after charging it with 134.  It will bring the temp down to 50-60 F.  A new paint job finished it all off, as there was no easier time to clean it all up than when it was completely tore down into small pieces.
I have pictures of the 2255 when we got it and all along the way as we tore it down and rebuilt it.  Most are not digital, so I would have to scan them.  I do have some digital pics from this fall of me plowing with 6 furrows and hauling 1000 bu. of soys, if you would like them for your website.  
That is probably enough for now.  Feel free to shoot me an email back if you would like some pictures or just chat about 2255's.  Take care.
Bryce Jackson

Pictures Below From Dave Hughes, London Ontario

Here's a pic of a 2255 that pulled in Forrest Ontario. It won by a long shot. It was all stock I think. It was also used as the pull back tractor. It did a great job. I'm also sending along a few pics of my Oliver 1600.