2255 Olivers in Illinois

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"V8 Puller" Now Owned By: Brian Kessler - Mode, Illinois

 Below - Rebirth of  "V8 Puller"

"V8Puller" In Action, Three Videos From 2008

These Files Are Large For Better Video - Wait Until Video Downloads First or Right Click On The Camera And Save To A File On Your Computer To View Without Going To This Site.

Click On Camera Below

   Pull #1

   Pull #2

   Pull #3

Above - "V8Puller" In Action 2010

Brian's Other Tractors Below

Your eyes are not going bad it is the picture - sorry ;-(

Above & Below - Loren Muskopf - non turbo Stock 

Below are some pics of my 1973 OLIVER 2255 and WHITE Hydra wide plow plowing in Central Illinois in September 2008 and one ove my 1951 OLIVER 77 Diesel in November '08. Hope you can use them on your site.
Chet A. Walters
Old Blue Farms
Weldon, IL