2255 Olivers in IOWA

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Here are six pictures of our 2255 Oliver from Sioux Center, Iowa.
Thank you Paul De Roon

The 11 photos and video below are of a tractor owned by Robert W., located in Dallas Center, Iowa, It was purchase new in 1974 from an Oliver dealer in Grimes, Iowa. Today it has less than 2,800 hours and original tires that came on it from Charles City.  It is used mostly for hauling corn pulling a 650 bushel wagon, brakes on all four wheels, airplane tires, and big heavy axles. Good outfit. Weighs 60,000# m/l loaded. See the picture at bottom.

Thank you Robert for sharing you 2255 with us.


    Click Camera For Video Of This Machine Running

Below - Carol sent me these pictures from Granville, Iowa

Below - Carol also sent me these pictures of Dad's 2655 from Humeston, Iowa

It was purchased from Clarence Walk @ Walk Implement in Indianola.

The building that had the fire was Allen Read's R & R Implement in Indianola, IA.   Current AGCO dealer, their new building is almost complete and they should be having a grand opening soon.

Carol writes: 

I don't think that I told you that I own a 2655.   My dad ordered this tractor in 1971.  We were given a white plainsman to use until ours came in.   This tractor was used gently to pull the corn planter.  Dad had previously used a 4010.   But he felt the 2655 was superior, due to the 4WD.  He said that the planter didn't push the Oliver around like it did the JD.     About 2 years after getting the Oliver, he purchased a used Steiger, model Turbo Tiger.   @ that time the Oliver was removed from heavy field work and moved to the planter.     After my dad quit farming, I used the tractor to do custom work, mostly  mowing set-aside/CRP acres.   I used a 15 foot flex wing Rhino.    I have a really poor quality photo of a Polaroid that shows Dad with his pride & joy & the plow that he got at the same time...  that was quickly obsolete due to the decrease in heavy tilling.   I also have that plow.    Feb-March '07, our tractor was in the shop to get some work done on the PTO clutch.   The shop caught fire.   Even the the office & parts area were gutted...  the shop area sustained more fire-fighting damage than fire.   Luckily, our tractor was basically unharmed.  The paint was history as were the plastic flashers at the top of the cab and the plastic "cup" on the air breather.    Our insurance totaled the tractor & we purchased it for salvage.  I have since had it out mowing again, It doesn't look very pretty but it runs great.   I will probably be five & dimeing the entire tractor for the rest of my life, replacing & repairing parts damaged in the fire & the fire-fight.   I am going to send a couple of pix of the building & tractor.  By the way our tractor has just over 2800 hours.   I'm not sending these for any reason, other than I am proud of the tractor and it's battle to live.  I am also very proud of my father.

This was taken after about 4 days of bathing.   All of the glass in the cab was destroyed except the triangles on the sides and the narrow rectangles that view the wheels, axles & tires.   There is a non-factory cow-catcher on it.  Dad created that & put it on the first year.  "Can't farm without headlights!"