2255 Olivers in Ohio

Please send me your pictures from Ohio For This Webpage


Ben Widmer with his 2255 from Sterling, Ohio

(Pictures were taken at Dover Show)

Thanks Ben

Webmaster James Coblentz with grandson Dylan in Ben's tractor.


I just found the photo's of Oliver 2255 pullers.  While it has been a while since I was in the Pulling circles, I thought you may be interested in my latest inavation to the Oliver family. I am enclosing a picture of my Oliver 2150 which is now owned by Ollie Schaffer in Illinois  I am leaving in a few minutes to pick up my last one at the body shop, and I hope to have all the decals on it before Christmas.  It started out as a Yanmar 1610D and I scaled the fenders and hood to make me a scale model of the Oliver 2255. It sports a 12 speed transmission, three speed PTO, 24 HP diesel. I will be useing it in pardes and do some local garden tilling for something to do in my retirement yrs. In the past I had been with the National Tractor Pullers but not for many yrs.  I built the Oliver Super 88 that won the national pull indoors in Harrisburg, Pa in the Super stock In January of that year.5000Lb class. Thanks for reading this. feel free to contact me. Abe Gingerich, Ohio