2255 Olivers Outside The USA

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From: Martijn Boon, Andijk The Netherlands (Holland). A Proud owner of a 2255‏

Hi James,

About 5 years ago I saw on the internet an Oliver 2255 for sale by coincidence.  I had never seen one before and I was amazed by it.  In my young years in our country (I Was born in 1965) a tractor of 65 horsepower was a monstertractor.  My father was a farmer and when I worked for him on the weekends and holidays I could play with a tractor of 40 horsepower.  With the help of google I found the Ollie V8 site which I liked very much.  I had already serious plans for buying a tractor.  I could use it for some transport jobs.  I was already interrested in American tractors as the International and Massey Ferguson but the Ollie was new for me and I liked it more.  At that time I was not ready to buy a tractor [I did not have the money for it].  And you know what is funny, 2 years ago I saw on the internet a 2255 for sale just imported from the states.  I live in a small town,  and the salesman lives in the same town just 1 mile away.  I thought this one must be meant for me and the next day it was mine.  My hobby and profession is to play with metal.  I am a welder and machine builder and I like to design things.  So that's why I customized this tractor a little bit.  I Know not everybody will like this but I can't help it.  It goes automatically.  This tractor is not only for show with but I use it for transporting boats and machines.  May be you can put this tractor also on your website.  I would like that very much. 

Greetings Martijn Boon.

Martijn, It looks good to me. James



Patrick Engelbertink - Netherlands

Patrick Engelbertink, Eggelmorsweg 35
7546 RB Usselo, Netherlands

See The UNDERTAKER In Action - Click Mouse On Camera and Turn Up The Volume

   Video #1                                         Video #2                       Video #3 - 2010 

Patrick writes:  Hello James,

Its been a long time ago that I have send a message to you. I'm still running with the Oliver in Holland and its doing great!!

We have become the 2010 champions in the 10,000 pound class here in Holland. Its now time for the winter here in Holland, so we are taking the Oliver apart for a huge check.

I've promised you that I would send you some video for media player. The Oliver is running on sand about 55 miles per hour and on clay 33 miles per hour.

Here's a movie so you can watch the power that is coming from the Cat!




Patrick would love to hear what the U.S.A. Oliver pullers think of his Oliver.  Please leave a message on his website, under the button gastenboek. When you click on the right on the button teken gastenboek, you can leave a message. Visit the "UNDERTAKER" website buy clicking your mouse button on the banner below.

Below - Andy Odermatt Preparing his Oliver 2255 Puller in Switzerland.  

He said it is the only "Olli" in Switzerland.