2255 State Fair and WFE Engineering development pictures from 1972


These pictures were taken by by Dwaine Kamnetz of Anoka, MN

Thank you Dwaine for sharing them with us.

1972 Minnesota State Fair placard at the WFE/Oliver/Minneapolis-Moline site on Machinery Hill

Distinctive 2255 Draft Control 3-point Hitch and Fender fuel tanks to feed the hungry 3208 Caterpillar Engine

2255 with A/C cab designed by Crenlo Mfg of Rochester MN

2255 in MN State Fair Machinery Hill daily parade (above & below pictures)

MN State fair introduction of the 7 bottom 20-inch plowshare (above & below pictures)


Endurance Testing the 2255 drive train & Over/Under Shifter using the chassis dynamometer.  Located behind the Engineering Building in Hopkins MN, the step-van held all the instrumentation, load sequencing, and recording apparatus.  Test beds had to be re-built with bigger electric motor loads for the 2255. (above & below pictures)

Cycling Dynamometer Endurance test of the new Caterpillar 3208 engine to verify it had the guts to power the 2255

White Farm Equipment display at the 1972 M&W Power Show held in Algoma, Iowa.  

Minneapolis-Moline G-1355 came out the same year but with the MM engine cast at the Lake Street Foundry in south Minneapolis.