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Video Clip Of V8puller

If you are using Windows xp and you want to down load the video for future viewing - click your right mouse button on the picture  and select "save target as" from the pop up menu window and download file to a directory for future viewing.

Wait for the entire file to download before playing. It may take up to 15 minutes before you can play the entire video. If you like tractor pulling and you like Olivers you will like the video clips of "V8Puller."

  Video 1 - Grove Spring, MO Pull 

  Video 2 - Cabool, MO Pull 

  Video 3 - Grove Spring, MO Pull

  Video 4 - Grove Spring, MO Pull


   Video 5 - Dexter, MO Pull


  Video 6 - West Plains, MO Pull


  Video 7 - Marshfield, MO Pull


  Video 8 - Springfield, MO Pull


  Video 9 - Billings, MO Pull


  Video 10 - Dixon, MO Pull


  Video 11 - Long Lane, MO Pull


  Video 12 - Conway, MO Pull

2003 Pulls

  Video 13 - Dexter, MO Pull

  Video 14 - Dexter, MO Pull